Worst/best skin and why?


letsfu: are there any redeemable codes available? Apr 23, 2014 5:33:11 GMT
nightstalker: my request is gonna be saytan Apr 22, 2014 19:16:46 GMT
nightstalker: I have a really good hero request im gonna put up and I wanna know what u all know Apr 22, 2014 19:16:24 GMT
nightstalker: hi Apr 22, 2014 19:16:07 GMT
jesus: Rhyscad, try restarting your computer, you are probably just using to much CPU because it has been on for a while. Apr 21, 2014 12:16:23 GMT
thepatrickjb: So uhh. I tried installing Smite on this computer. Win8 64 bit. And it apparently just stops working towards the end of the installation. Btw, this is before the launcher. Apr 20, 2014 3:36:35 GMT
rhyscad: Can someone please answer my question. Whenever I start Smite and I go onto the God list screen, Everytime I click a God, I get this crazy lag spike that freezes game for like 2-3 seconds, then it loads the God.Sometimes this happens when entering setting. Apr 19, 2014 17:23:02 GMT
rohan911: Doers any one know how to stop smite from crashing on the character select screen? Apr 16, 2014 23:26:16 GMT
leafbladex: Does anyone require as member for a competitive team Apr 14, 2014 19:41:17 GMT
poppucee: Looking for someone to play with im tired of playing alone Apr 13, 2014 14:47:07 GMT
MrCasper: anyone looking for a clan message me if you are Apr 10, 2014 21:09:21 GMT
pandmold: someone can help me plz? Apr 10, 2014 20:23:51 GMT
pandmold: hi Apr 10, 2014 20:23:44 GMT
lokineedslove: :) Apr 5, 2014 13:46:08 GMT
lokineedslove: anyone agree with me that loki the trickster god needs some love , at least a remodel Apr 5, 2014 13:40:42 GMT
Finnaeus: If it was a racial slur, you could've reported them after the game by hitting the "!" button in the second page of the win/loss screen Apr 2, 2014 23:31:44 GMT
Finnaeus: If it's just normal swearing, you can turn on a profanity filter, they won't get banned for saying fuck. Apr 2, 2014 23:31:03 GMT
wizzardv3: Hey Smite Comunity where i can report any people for swearing in game? Apr 2, 2014 15:59:35 GMT
Finnaeus: What has happened.. Apr 2, 2014 0:12:35 GMT
Riuto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdYaTa_lOf4&list=TLtF3hme69iTIVYr-LRsMZhIJUZcHuNJVu :D haha thank me later Apr 1, 2014 15:44:33 GMT